Wednesday, 26 August 2009

harvest time already?

Morning all, Bertha here, have we all been enjoying brave Capitaine Bile's Ocean voyage?

I know I did! I had a lovely view of it from my chair, some of the calves were even kind enough to give me a wave from time to time.

I really must get our glorious leader to give me some lessons one day! Perhaps I might even get him to write a book!

'7 Days Lost in the Harbour' ?!?

Anyway, as they're now all safely back on land, I can respond to Norma's note (see horn). I'm sure she's quite right that Cyril will need to some supervision and more to the point if it really is grass vine harvest time, we'll all need to be there (I've told Annie she can wait until her shrimp knitting project is completed but then she's to follow on)

Right, forward at a steady jog...see you all there!


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