Monday, 31 August 2009

in the nick of time.

'I tell you, Norma,' exclaimed Camille, 'I came that close to signing!' and Camille indicated a very small distance indeed.

'Really?' asked Norma.

'Why yes!' replied Camille, 'if I 'ad not been distracted by 'orace's screams I would 'ave done so!'

'Hmmm,' said Norma, 'he was quite loud....but I suppose if Bertha's jumping up and down on you, you would be!'

'And 'e really said she was overweight?'

'Well not exactly,' replied Norma, 'I think it was more of a misunderstanding...she's actually rather a sensitive person..once you get past the bluff exterior. Anyway, I have to say it's very kind of you to agree to still help out with the vine harvest.'

'Well,' said Camille, 'I'm sure that Mr Cyril was only 'aving 'is little joke and ma students are 'aving the most wonderful time....only we're 'aving a break in 5 minutes and we don't work past 7PM and Jean Claude has formed a union, so don't go trying any funny business!'

And Norma realised that Camille and her little students really were learning an awful lot from their visit.

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demandablog said...

How cute! Your work is amazing. :)