Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Just being myself!

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Afternoon all, Bertha here, sorry I'm a bit later than normal.

Now can we get one thing straight! It was just a LITTLE jog!

Only it seems as if calves are expected to just lay around in fields all day!

And their hooves were perfectly OK. A paddle in a little sea water would have sorted out any problems.

Anyway, I know when I'm not needed, so I've left them to it...and a good thing that I did! Annie seems to have covered the entire Island in knitting or what's left of it!

So I'm giving her a hoof to get it all into a big ball and she can take it back to the Shrimps.

Right on we go....have productive afternoons and remember to sit up straight!



Reese said...

great blog! Really like the concept. Took me a minute to understand why sheep were listed as dislikes, but I get it!

Steven Allender said...

All sheep are pirates...well known fact!

Reese said...

Indeed! That is good to know. I will be more wary of them in the future