Thursday, 13 August 2009

keeping the guests entertained!

'How long!' asked Captain Bill.

'A few weeks,' replied Norma,'it depends on when the balloon comes back to pick them up.'

'But what are we going to do with them?' asked Captain Bill, 'I suppose there's always another trip to the museum!'

'I don't think you could make that last 3 weeks,' replied Norma, 'as exciting as it is!'

'Hmmm,' replied Captain Bill, 'perhaps not!'

'I thought maybe you could take them out for a sail,' suggested Norma, 'you could go in the Mootilus, they'd like that...and you're hat would be unmunged by then.'

'Welllllllllllll,' replied Captain Bill, 'I wouldn't want to rush into something....there would be a lot of things to consider...things to organise.'

'That's OK,' said Norma, 'I've arranged for Horace to look after them on Friday, you've got plenty of time to get organised.'

And at this point she held up Captain Bill's hat.

'There,' she said, 'all unmunged!'

'Hmm,' said Captain Bill, 'there's still a bit in the corner. Here let me have a go.'

So Norma did just that.


Chrisy said...

What a quirky sense of humor you have...ta for the giggle!

Steven Allender said...

Mon pleasure! : )