Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Lessons for young sailors.

'And therefore,' said Captain Bill, 'by placing the seaweed in our Captain's hat, we not only have a useful indicator of the weather but we also provide ourselves with a tasty snack!'

The calves and Camille all gave Captain Bill a round of applause.

'Well I'm thinking that ma little students must be full up to the ends of their tails with all of the knowledge that you have put into them!' said Camille.

'Ma pleasure,' replied Captain Bill and everyone laughed, 'always happy to answer any questions.'

And at this, one of the students raised a hoof and spoke to Camille.

'Ma little student, Blanche,' said Camille, 'she would like to know, why is it that 'er knitted compass has 2 'Not North's' marked on it?'

'Ah!,' replied Captain Bill, 'that's because it's only a junior knitted compass. A full Captain's knitted compass,' and here Captain Bill held it up for all to see, 'has, of course, got the full 3 'Not North's'. That's the Summer Not North, the Winter Not North and an Emergency Not North, just in case the other 2 are closed for repairs!'

And again everyone applauded.

'So now,' asked Camille, 'we will be on our way I think?'

'Indeed,' replied Captain Bill, 'if everyone could just lean towards Starboliarboliboard for me? the other side...thank you!'

And so saying they cast off into the wide blue side.


Kathleen said...

Aye - 'tis a good read =) *laughs*

Fatally Cute said...

Cool illo!