Monday, 10 August 2009



Annie here and before I get on to my main topic I'd like to say a few words about driving knitted, steam powered, hover thingamedoodles up trees. I'd like to suggest avoiding it! After taking a small survey, 100% of people who had done so, said it was a bad idea.

But there is an upside!

From our advantaglemous position, Geraldine and I have been able to observe that there are now a large number of minimoo's in the area (see drawing, see Geraldine pointing at drawing, wonder how long Geraldine can hang onto my hat?).

Now minimoo's seem to be a lot like you and me, only smaller.

The question is why*

It is possible that they've all sprung a leak and are deflating...but that sounds silly!

I think the answer is much simpler......the Island is getting bigger! I'm not sure why this should be. Perhaps it's eating too much and needs to get out for some excercise! It may have become depressed about something and taken to comfort eating. It seems to me that the Island needs to be loved. So I've started to cheer it up by spending some time talking to the tree I'm stuck in.

Anyway, I must be getting on, I shall have another chat with Mr Tree and then see about falling out of it. I think I should do this quite soon before the tree grows and the ground gets further away!

Have nice.....whatever day of the week it is!?!


*There are other questions but I don't have time for them at the moment... I'm a busy person!

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Glad to have found your blog. :)