Tuesday, 11 August 2009

rope....things you never knew!

'.....and so,' said Captain Bill wth a flourish, 'if it hadn't been for a piece of rope that was quite a bit like this one, the table would have fallen over, the pie would have gone cold and the sheep would have escaped!'

Camille stood open mouthed, several of the calves pushed past her and pressed closer to the glass and then scribbled things onto their clipboards.

'And finally,' continued Captain Bill, 'in this case over here, we have a piece of rope that is almost the same as the bit of rope that we saw about ten minutes ago!'

Camille and the calves and Norma all hurried over to take a look.

'Well,' said Camille, 'franky I would not be surprised if ma little students 'eads simply exploded with excitment! Their brains are now so full of rope related facts! I never would 'ave guessed that rope could be this interesting. Truly this is a museum.....full of rope!'

And the calves all mooed in agreement and Captain Bill went a little pink around his horns.

'You know,' added Camille, 'when I suggested coming 'ere ma headmistress was not so 'appy about it. She said that it was only rope! But really this 'as been the most exciting of visits! Frankly I don't know 'ow I'm going to get them all to sleep tonight. If this was just the first thing, they will all be wondering just what you're going to show them tomorrow!'

'Tomorrow?' asked Captain Bill.

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