Friday, 7 August 2009

A serious attack of the munchies!

'And this,' said Captain Bill, with great reluctance, 'is Cyril!'

Camille lent in slightly towards Captain Bill.

'Which one?' she asked.

'No,' replied Captain Bill, 'that's just one's all him!'

'Oh!' said Camille and she gave Cyril a slightly nervous smile.

'Afternoon,' replied Cyril, 'I have,' he continued, 'travelled here,this very afternoon, to meet your personage and have taken the liberty of bringing with me a small gift!' and so saying he stepped to one side.

'Oh,' said Camille, 'how is 'alf an empty, badly damaged cart!'

'Yes,' replied Cyril, 'Well, I did set out with the best of intentions. A small vehicle of the finest oak, it was fully laden with flowers...carefully chosen, hoof picked blooms....not a petal out of place.....but I hadn't moved far before I was overcome by a serious attack of the munchies! There's still a couple of stalks down there in the corner if you feel peckish?'

Camille smiled once again. 'But what happened to the other 'alf of the cart?'

'Well,' replied Cyril, 'I did set out with the best of intentions, but I hadn't moved far...'

'Look!' interupted Captain Bill, 'I don't think Ms Camille needs to be bothered by your attempts to impress her! She has come here to visit my museum!.....And, as soon as Bertha gets here with her students, that is what we intend to do!'

'I don't suppose on your travels that you saw them?' asked Camille, 'Ms Bertha and ma students..because it's been a while now!'

But at that very moment, Bertha and the students came jogging over the hill.

And while they were waiting for them to arrive, Cyril broke a bit more off the cart.

'Anyone fancy a wagon wheel?' he asked.


mum said...

That was one serious joke Mr Pencil.

Maisy said...

lmao!! ah cyril *shakes head* that appetite will be your undoing m'lad!

Bigbluebed said...

I want a wagon wheel. But one with a bit more chocolate and a bit less..wood.

Steven Allender said...

Ah! some people are so picky!

*goes off to find choccie wagon wheels*

Melody said...

Plastic, Cyril, plastic is the answer! You simply wrap your gift in plastic to protect it. And then, of course, you don't eat the plastic!