Thursday, 27 August 2009

a small problem of fine print.

'Really,' said Cyril, 'I wouldn't bother yourself too much with the fine print!'

'But it is all fine print!' declared Camille, 'it's like the normal print is fine print and the fine print is very, very, very, very, very, very.......very fine print! I would not be surprised if you 'ad a specially trained swarm of tiny anty things with little miniature pens just to be able to write it this small! And further more,' she continued, 'if it's just a form for a visit, why does it say 'contract of employment' at the top?'

'Typing error?' suggested Cyril.

Cyril and Camille and the Calves were standing at the bottom of a large vine covered hill. Cyril had already, thoughtfully, given out some tools. Camille took another look at the 'paperwork'.

'I am still not sure,' she said, 'and why does the visit 'ave to take place over 10, twelve hour, shifts?'

'Well there's so much to do, ' replied Cyril 'I just assumed you wouldn't want to miss anything!'

'Hmm, ' said Camille, 'I am thinking that maybe I should 'ave a word with ma good friend Norma about this!'

'Called away,' replied Cyril, 'could be a while...time marches on!'

'And you say,' said Camille, 'that she 'ad to go because a giant 'erd of crabs appeared on the beach demanding her autograph?'

'Always gone down big with crustaceans has Norma.' replied Cyril, 'If you ask me they're getting her mixed up with someone else, but who knows what's going on inside their shell covered brains?'

And so Camille took one last look at the form.

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