Monday, 3 August 2009

Summer, sand and smill!

'Mit's Smill!' mumbled Captain Bill.

'He says it's Bill,' translated Norma with a smile.

'Oh!' said Camille, 'I am so, so sorry! The mistake is all my fault, please forgive me!' and she fluttered her eyes in Captain Bill direction, even though he couldn't actually see her.

Norma, Bertha, Camille and about a dozen small calves were standing around the collapsed figure of Captain Bill.

'Also,' continued Camille, 'the colossally heavy sack of wet sand, that has introduced your brave Captain's 'ead to the ground is also ma fault.'

Norma assured her that it was the sort of mistake that anyone could have made.

'You are so kind,' replied Camille, 'I was trying to 'elp the crew land the balloon, when ma attention was caught by what I can only describe as some sort of bizarre, knitted, steam powered, hover thingy....and I let go of the wrong leaver!'

'Snuffink!' mooed Captain Bill.

'So kind, ' repeated Camille, 'and you will be able to leaver 'is 'ead out?' she asked.

'Well,' replied Bertha, 'we'll rush really!'

And at that, they all had a little giggle.

So,' said Horace, who had only just arrived, 'do you actually know any publishers?'

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