Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Supplies, supplies!

Morning all, Captain Bill here with you today.

Now I've thought it best to keep a low profile over these last few days. It seems to me to be important that Ms Camille and her students realise that, contrary to the impression they may have formed, I don't actually do everything here on the Island. Part of being a 1st class Captain is to allow the crew a free hand from time to time and when it comes to the grass vines, Cyril is the chap! So I've spent a while sprucing up the rope museum, just in case they want another quick look around before they leave.

But now, as you can see, I'm heading off to join the others and I'm taking a few refreshments with me....Norma made a list. Actually I may need to make more than one trip! So if any of you are free for a couple of hours and feel like lending a hoof, you know where to find me.

Right, on we go!

Captain Bill


demandablog said...

I love it! :) I'm so glad I found your blog.

Steven Allender said...

Thank you..my pleasure!

SkribblyKids said...

Your drawings are great!!