Tuesday, 18 August 2009

What to knit next?


Annie here! First I'm sorry I wasn't here yesterday....well I was actually....but you weren't....well I don't think you were...perhaps you were but you were very, very small and I just didn't see you?!

The thing is we're all back today!

Although I still can't see you! But I imagine that you're here....Norma (my best friend) says that a lot of my life is just what I imagine...but I imagine that Norma doesn't really mean that!

So anyway, as you can see I'm down at the beach having got all the knitted, steam hover thingy back into the water. My Shrimp buddies have already started to unpick it and so the question is....what to knit next?????

As regular readers will know, the Shrimps do have a bit of a problem with following a pattern....so in a break from tradition I've had a quick look through the Cow Island library and found a slightly battered copy of a thing called 'Pride and Prejemidicials' by someone I've never heard of...so lets see what they make of that!

Right, tired now!


* 'O's 3 for the price of 2, offer ends at the weekend

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