Saturday, 1 August 2009

when guests arrive!

'Left a bit,' said Norma, 'left a bit more, a bit more, stop! Now back a bit, stop! Left a bit more......OK! Down!'

'Thanks, ' said Captain Bill.

'You know, I really think it's about time you learned to put your hat on straight, without help!' replied Norma as she flicked a feather duster over Captain Bill's tail.

'Hmm, maybe!' said Captain Bill, 'tricky things though, hats!' and he pulled at it a bit.

Norma and Captain Bill were waiting in a large field in which a large 'B' had been hastily laid out. There were only the 2 of them there.

'You're quite sure you don't want the others here?' asked Norma, 'I'm sure they'd want to be here....and it might look a bit odd....from the visitors point of view.'

'As I've already explained,' replied Captain Bill, 'I'd prefer to keep this low key for the moment. Just until our guests arrive and we've cleared up one or two minor errors. Errors which we both know would be beyond the temptation of certain other people! And anyway, it'll save having Cyril here trying to sell t-shirts and Horace pestering people with questions about publishers.'

So Norma and Captain Bill continued to wait....


'There they are!' mooed Norma and she pointed with her tail at a large balloon that had suddenly emerged from between 2 large clouds. Captain Bill and Norma watched as it moved closer and closer to them. It had a big flag flying from the back of it and there was something written down the side. After a while it was possible to read what it said.

Captain Bill sighed.

'Best go and get the others!' he said.

So that was what Norma did.