Saturday, 26 September 2009

Ah! Calm at last....

'Nothing?' exclaimed Captain Bill.

'No!' replied Bertha.

'Nothing at all?' asked Captain Bill.

'No!' replied Bertha for a second time.

'But how many did you find?'

'17 books, 12 magazines and 4 pamphlets,' said Bertha.

'And there's nothing about rope in any of them?' mooed Captain Bill.

'No!' said Bertha yet again, 'there is a magazine article on can see a ball of string in the corner of one of the photos!'

'I'll have that then,' said Captain Bill after a pause.

'Have you got your library card?' asked Bertha.

'Oh Udders!' said Captain Bill.

But at that moment Norma came herding up to them.

'Hello!' she said.

'Hello,' replied Bertha and Captain Bill.

'How are we all?' asked Norma.

'Fine!' they both replied.

'Wonderful!' said Norma.

'Captain Bill's going to look at a picture of string,' said Bertha.

'Oh how nice!' replied Norma.

'I came,' said Captain Bill very calmly, 'I came to see if any of the new things in the library were about rope. I thought I might just take a few days, now that everything has finally settled down, to just relax......and take things a calm sort of that there's nothing going that everything is calm......and relaxed...and're going to ruin it aren't you?'

'There's a ship heading this way!' said Norma.

And a few more leaves blew up against the side of Captain Bill.


baahar said...

Oooh I love those little narrations accompanying the drawings :)

" you can see a ball of string in the corner of one of the photos!" *lol*

Almay Alday said...

I just love all your illustrations!