Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Almost finished!

Morning...can't'll have to come with us!

Actually I don't have much time...but I can say that we're almost finished...I think it must be a record time for getting in the vines! Ms Camille and her Calves have proved to be the most wonderful help. I've been working with young Blanche (see above) and I may even write a short note for her parents saying how good she's been.

Now I realise that I may have been a bit short with Horace the other day, but it was a stressful situation and that's when everybody needs to work together and not start moaning...which is what he was doing! He'll probably get a poem or two out of it know what poets are like for a little suffering!

Right on we go...down the hill at a stampede I think!

Take care...and do remember to sit up straight!