Monday, 28 September 2009

By royal command

'I mean really!' said Queen Phoebe, 'his little Regalness goes to all that trouble to hold a first class, top notch, rowing type regatta and what does he get for little column inside the sports pages! But if there's even a whiff of dirt it's all over the front pages quick as a knife!'

All of the Cows said how sorry they were to hear that the press coverage hadn't been better than it was.

'Of course,' continued Queen Phoebe,'what would really cheer him up would be to expand his little kingdom a teansy bit more. Even just one more island would help and we're doing an offer at the moment. If you sign up today you get a lovely picture of his Royaltyness and we're throwing in free dental as well!'

Norma explained that while it was a very tempting offer they were really quite happy without a King.

'Well suit yourselves!' replied Queen Phoebe, but there was a decided air of huffiness about how she said it.

'So,' said Captain Bill, 'if you don't mind me asking, was there any other reason for your visit?'

'Hmmm' replied Queen Phoebe, and she thought for a while. 'Oh yes, silly me,' she said at last and she pulled a roll of parchment out of her crown and gave it to Captain Bill, who looked at it without opening it.

'By Royal command,' continued Queen Phoebe, 'I hearby..well command you, to do my hubbie, King Otto, who is the bestest King for miles and miles, throw you straight in the clink if you say otherwise, a bit of a favour.' and so saying she turned and headed back down towards her waiting ship.

'Er!' called out Captain Bill after her. 'What favour?'

'I need you to go and get Norman!' replied Queen Phoebe without turning around.

'NORMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' mooed Annie, very excitedly.


baahar said...

"if you sign up today ..." *lol*

BorneoDiva said...

very good drawing :) you should make cartoon book or working in the journalism

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Meichihko said...

Wow - your drawings are awesome!