Monday, 7 September 2009

how to clean a minimoo!

Helllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Annie here...I am down at the beach.

Now, have you got a big bunch of Minimoos?

Do you find them difficult to get clean?

Dried in grass vine stains that just won't shift?

Well me and my pal, Mr Sir Cyril of Minimoo Cleaning Products Limited are pleased to announce a breakthrough!

Just 5 minutes with our new product......'wondersoapy' and a lot of dunking in the sea and our Minimoos come up bright and pearly white...even their little hooves!

So buy today and get your Minimoos sparkly clean*

And now back to your regular broadcast.

Thank you for your time!


*Buy 2 packs of Wondersoapy and we'll chuck in a pot of white paint just in case it doesn't work...brush not supplied.

PS Geraldine appears by kind permission of herself.


Quercus Silver said...

minimoo is just toooo gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

i want a minimoo!!!
*preferably a clean one plisthx*

Caroline said...

Does it work on Minispills too?

Chameleonite said...

Thanks for waking me up with a chuckle! Very apt for Monday washday blues *strings line across street to hang minimoos*

Steven Allender said...

Hmmm, I'm pretty sure Cyril would sell you one!

Anonymous said...


Steven Allender said...

Me? The blog? The picture?