Tuesday, 29 September 2009

just the essentials

Captain Bill stood firmly on the harbour wall and watched as yet another load was dragged up the gangplank and onto the Pickled Heifer.

'Is,' he asked, 'is all of this absolutely necessary?'

'Oh yes!' replied Norma.

'Only I thought I said,' said Captain Bill,'let's try and keep it to just the essentials!'

'You did,' replied Norma.

'Only I can't help noticing,' continued Captain Bill, 'that so far the only things that have been loaded are hat boxes and crates of wine! At this rate I wouldn't be surprised if I saw 3 tons of fruit cake go past!'

And Norma hastily added a note to the bottom of her list.

'Well,' she said,'I'm sure it won't take long to get it all onboard. Then we can be off to collect Norman.'

'Mmmm!' said Captain Bill, I suppose so!'

'Is it far?' asked Norma.

'Mmmm?' said Captain Bill again.

'To where he's staying,' said Norma,'.....you did ask Queen Phoebe where he was didn't you?'

And from Captain Bill there was a horrible, horrible silence.

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Shannon said...

Hmm... packing a bunch of wine seems like a good idea to me. :)