Wednesday, 30 September 2009

lacking a sense of direction.

'WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DIDN'T ASK!' said Bertha, very loudly.

'Well what chance did I have?' mooed Captain Bill in reply. 'You saw her, the moment she'd handed over the scroll she was off back down the hill faster than Cyril can eat! Her little legs hardly touched the ground! Just a blur of pink and gold she she kept her crown on I'll never know!'

'You could have run after her!' said Bertha, who was standing very close to Captain Bill.

'No I couldn't,' he replied, ' would have been undignified and besides it would have contravened the first rule of Captain School!'

'Which is?' asked Bertha, who had a good feeling that she knew what was coming.

'Never, ever ask for directions!' said Captain Bill with a flourish.

'SO HOW,' screamed Bertha, 'DO YOU PROPOSE THAT WE FIND NORMAN!!!!!!!'

'Well, I thought we might just sail...'

'...ABOUT FOR A BIT!!!!' completed Bertha, 'AAAARRRGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!' she added.

There then ensued, what is commonly refered to as, 'a bit of a domestic'.

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Maisy said...

*sneaks in and hands bertha a chill pill and a large bucket of best wintage vine wine*

oh dear...