Wednesday, 9 September 2009

landing an air ship balloon thing.

Morning everybody, Bertha here.

Now I think you'll all agree that, when Ms Camille and her students were dropped off, the balloon landing left a lot to be desired. It was really quite shoddy. So you'll be pleased to hear that I've put myself in charge this time.

As you might have seen I've put up a proper wind sock and I've found some old table tennis bats. I quick look around the library turned up a couple of very useful books and from that I've drawn up a short, 50 question test for the Captain and crew of the balloon. I'm sure they'll be only too pleased to have something to do while we're loading things on.

Of course, should they fail the test, I'll have to report them to the proper authorities.

If you'd like to have a go I could send you a copy...some of the questions are multiple choice!

On we go!


PS Anyone who is interested in opening a regular balloon service to Cow Island should contact Bertha requesting a copy of all the forms.


Chameleonite said...

Are Bertha's forms standard ones with totally irrelevant questions that don't relate to an individual's situation... or does she tailor them to suit your needs with lots of big blank spaces for additional information?

Steven Allender said...

Bertha's not really an 'individual's' person.