Friday, 11 September 2009

a time for parting

'.....and so I think I can say, without fear, that this as been the best trip me and ma students have ever been on!'

And everybody cheered!

'Although,' pointed out Norma, 'I thought you said when you arrived that this was the first trip you had ever been on?'

'Why yes!' replied Camille, '.........but it's still the best!'

And everybody cheered again!

'Well we're just pleased you had such a good time,' said Captain Bill.

'Indeed,' replied Camille, 'and ma students 'ave learned so much. Etienne and Marie have both decided that they want to be brave sea captains, just like you, Captain Bill. Although so far they 'ave only been able to track down some rather poor, long distance course which don't look too good!'

And here Bertha muttered something which suggested they might be very like Captain Bill.

'But,' continued Camille,'to tell the truth, I am a bit concerned about Blanche, who 'as said that she is leaving school to set up a business selling imported wines and high quality nibbles!'

'She's a natural!' called out Cyril.

But at that point the Balloon Captain gave three short toots on his whistle to signal that he was ready to leave. So with smiles and just a little sadness, everyone said their 'goodbyes'. Camille kissed everyone on both cheeks and the students hugged everybody...even each other!

Then Camille and 'er little students got into the balloon and the Cow watched as it rose gently into the air. Tails and hooves were waved until everyone was quite tired and the balloon had shrunk to just a blob in the sky.

And that was the end of that!

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