Saturday, 12 September 2009

Time for some tidying up!

'So!' said Norma.

'Yes!' said Bertha.

'Indeed!' said Captain Bill.

'Well, I shall miss them!' added Norma.

'They might write?' suggested Captain Bill.

'I think they said they would!' said Bertha

And for a while Bertha, Norma and Captain Bill stood in the rain and said nothing.

'Well if there's nothing else?' said Captain Bill at last, 'I'll go and get on.'

'Actually, before you go, could you read this out?' asked Norma and she gave Captain Bill a little letter.

So Captain Bill read it out.

'Dear readers, because of Ms Camille and her students being here. We've not been doing any cleaning, so Cow Island looks a bit shabby. We will therefore be closed for one week and with luck will be back with you on Saturday the 19th.'

'Thank you,' said Norma and she took the letter back.

'So can I go now?' asked Captain Bill and Norma said he could.

'Fancy a paddle?' asked Bertha.

And Norma said she thought that would be a very good idea.

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