Friday, 25 September 2009

'Together' Major new work from top Cow poet.


The Sun is setting fast now
The Summer's almost gone
The leaves have started turning
They seem to beckon Autumn on

And so I've been thinking
In the time that we've got left
Don't you and I deserve
Just a little happiness

Why shouldn't we be walking
Together side by side
Why shouldn't we be talking
Of what we feel inside
Why shouldn't we be sharing
Why don't we just confess
That together we deserve
Just a little happiness

I often think when I am on my own
That this house alone can never be my home

So why shouldn't we be staring
Into each others eyes
Why shouldn't we be wearing
The smiles we try to hide
Why shouldn't we just give in
And accept that two is best
Then together we could have
Just a little happiness

Thank you



Anonymous said...

*nominates horace for poetry literary prizes*

*reaches for kleenex and blows nose loudly*

go on horace! tell her, tell her!! *holds breath*

ClareBears said...

*dabs eyes with hanky*

bravo Horace! I hope he finds the happiness he's looking for. xx

*bottom lip wobbles*

Moocow said...