Friday, 4 September 2009

well I never!

'A fully knitted, totally extendable, minimoo sized, bungie operated, grass vine masher!!!' mooed Camille.

'Yes,' replied Norma, 'I have to confess that it took me by surprise.....and I've know Annie a very long time'

'MINIMOO'S!' called out Annie from the platform she was standing on and she pointed at the calves who were whizzing through the air.

'Yes!' replied Norma, who nodded and smiled.

'And,' said Camille,' you say Ms Annie is......'ow you say....perfectly safe?'

'Oh yes!' replied Norma, 'completely barmy.....but safe!'

And for a while Camille and Norma stood and watched the calves as they bounced up and down.

'Well,' said Camille at last,'the vines 'ave been gathered and ma little students are 'elping to mash them I guess that will be it...finis!'

'Oh!' replied Norma, 'but there is still one last thing that we have to do.'

'What is that?' asked Camille.

'Party!' replied Norma.

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missknits said...

hilarious and soooo cute!! love your art and blog!