Thursday, 3 September 2009

what comes next...and why!

'So,' asked Camille, 'that is it? Everything is all done?'

'Well almost,' replied Norma, 'Bertha's got the poles. Horace is just gathering up the last of the vines and then it's all collected!'

'And then, what is next?'

'Well,' said Norma, 'the next thing is treading the vines, so that Cyril can start to make the wine.'

Camille stopped walking and looked at Norma.

'You use it ALL for wine?' she asked.

'Eeerrrr, yes!' replied Norma.

'But who do you sell it to?'

'Welllllll,' said Norma, who turned a little pink, 'we're still researching the overseas at the moment we have to drink it....before it goes off....we wouldn't want to waste it!'

And Norma hurried on with Camille in close pursuit.

'And can ma little students 'elp with the vine treading, ' said Camille.

And this time it was Norma turn to stop.

'Oh,' she said, 'I hadn't thought of that....I don't think might be rather too tricky!'

And Camille looked very disappointed.

'Are you sure?' she asked.

'Sorry,' said Norma again, 'I mean some bizarre coincindence..... somebody happens to turn up with a piece of equipment that's been specially made just so that the calves can help out.....and there can't be much chance of that can there?!'

And Camille agreed that there couldn't.