Monday, 21 September 2009

why the leaves fall off annie.


Annie here and today I will be blogging at you about the trees.

Are you sitting comfortabumly? Then I shall begin!

I'm sure that we've all noticed that about this time of year all the leaves fall off the trees. The question is WHY?

It used to be thought that the leaves had run out of rent money, but this is not the case. It's because the trees are tired! That shouldn't come as any great surprise because....

1. Trees have to stand up ALL the time...with the possible exception of the sofa oak...but you don't see many of those around these days.

2. All the little birdies live in the trees and every morning AND last thing at night they talk to each other very loudly! (it's mostly about the price of short term loans and worms).

So to help the trees I'm carrying out an experiment and YOU can join in the fun! I've selected a tree...let's call him Stan and I've tried to make him as comfy as possible. There's a night cap, a pillow and a hot mug of choccie. Now I'm going to read him a story.......with pictures!!!!!!

So why don't you do the same? Find a tree and see if we can save the leaves!!

Thank you for your time...although I'm not paying for it...I don't have money...I'm just a cartoon cow you know!

Annie.....tired now!


Hyla said...

LOL, that was great! (hyperart) said...

Haha, how charming! Well, the trees in southern California don't really shed all their leaves. Wonder why? Maybe live in socal is more relaxing? :P

baahar said...

That is a lovely story :) I remembered the days when I would go up to a tree and talk to it :)