Saturday, 3 October 2009

and so the voyage begins.

'Well left a bit then!' said Captain Bill.

'But that is Port!,' replied Norma.

'Is it?' asked Captain Bill. 'Have we not changed the clocks yet then?'

And Norma said that they hadn't.

'Pirate ship ahead!' called out Bertha from the cows nest.

'Arrrggghhhh!' mooed Captain Bill.

'Just kidding!' called down Bertha.

'I do wish she wouldn't keep doing that!' said Captain Bill.

But just then Annie arrived.

'Helllloooooooooooo!' she said, 'Cyril says to tell you that he's put the bits of the harbour wall in your cabin and does anyone want any a 5th breakfast?'

'Why does it always have to be my cabin?' asked Captain Bill.

Annie didn't know, but everyone decided that they aught to have a 5th breakfast.

Captain Bill took several deep breaths and paced the deck for a while....until.

'Excuse me,' said Horace.

'Yes?' said Captain Bill.

'We need to go back,' said Horace.

'BACK!' exclaimed Captain Bill.

'Yes,' said Horace.

'Why?' asked Captain Bill.

'I've forgotten my pencil sharpner,' replied Horace.

And Captain Bill decided to spend the rest of the day in his cabin....well as much of it as he could get to.

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ingermaaike said...

What else but to turn back..