Saturday, 31 October 2009

And this is norman!

Just for a moment, Norma, Bertha, Horace, Captain Bill and Annie said nothing. They simply stood and gazed at the sight before them. There waiting under a tree, standing next to an elephant, was a bald headed man with a large walrus moustache.

'NORMAN!!!!' screamed Annie rather hysterically.

'Hello,'..........said the elephant in a rather forlorn voice.

As one, the Cows and Geraldine herded forward and hugged Norman.

And Annie started to slightly vibrate.

'This is my chum Dave by the way,' said Norman and the man next to him gave a little wave.

'But what are you doing staying here?' asked Bertha.

'I'm not staying here,' replied Norman, 'I'm working! I've got a job as a masseur.'

'E's brilliant!' said Dave, 'I never seen trunk work like it! E's a genius!'

'Although of course,' added Norman , 'there is more to an elephant than just a trunk.'

And everyone agreed that there was and Annie vibrated just a little bit more.

So then Norman explained how he had met Cyril and that Cyril had told him all about why they were looking for him.

'Well, you've simply got to come back with us!' said Norma.

And Norman agreed that he would and Annie vibrated so much that she moved across the path.

'Although, ' he cautioned, 'I think they maybe a slight problem with my contract at the hotel.'

'Well I'm sure that we can soon get that sorted out!' replied Captain Bill.

But before he could say any more Norma stopped him.

'I think we'd better get something else sorted out first,' she said.

And Annie simply exploded with joy!


Susan Silver said...

Lovely artwork :)

baahar said...

An elephant ?? Now this is a surprise :)

MagicMarkingsArt said...

can I say adorable? love your style!