Saturday, 24 October 2009

cake anyone?

'Afternoon!' said Cyril.

'AFTERNOON!' spluttered Captain Bill.

'Well unless I've got the time of day seriously wrong,' replied Cyril,' always possible I suppose?'

'Cyril,' said Norma, 'what are you doing here?'

'Wellllllllll,' replied Cyril, 'relaxing mostly, the occasional dip in the pool, nibbling a fondant fancy or two, moving gracefully through the hotel wine list....that sort of thing.'

'But we've just spent 2 weeks risking life and horn climbing over a very tall thing!' mooed Captain Bill. 'I was practically thrown down a cliff!'

'Oh, did anybody get that on film,' asked Cyril, but everybody else said they didn't.

'Pity!' said Cyril and he took another nibble on a nearby cake.

'But how did you get here?' asked Norma.

'Pleasure boat,' replied Cyril, 'round the island, twice a day, including a very good cup of tea...did you not see the sign?'


'If we could try and keep the noise down,' asked Cyril, 'I may try and take a quick 40 winks...or should I try a dip in the pool first?'

And Norma and Horace and Annie and Bertha AND Captain Bill decided that the pool was by far the best place for Cyril.


baahar said...

lol at "Oh, did anybody get that on film ... pity" :)

nice one !!

missbmckay said...

Cute! Great work.