Wednesday, 14 October 2009

climb every hillside!

Morning all, Bertha here, I'm having a little climb. I rather like being up above everything, it feels rather like my natural environment, the sort of place that I should always being allowed to get on with my JOB IN THE COWS NEST!!!!!


There, that's better!

I have to say it's a very good view that you get from up here and of course I want to know what's on the other side of the hill.

Now if any of you are thinking of having a climb do take care. You'll need a rope...or two and perhaps a couple of chums to take with you and don't forget that it can get cold so remember to pack some hoof mittens.

Well I hope you have a nice day and do keep an eye out for me, it might be your island that I'm climbing on!

Bye for now



baahar said...

I wonder what she will find on the other side :)

Anonymous said...

Do be careful Bertha, and hold on tight to that rope! *bites nails*

krystyna81 said...

too cute! love your style :)