Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Right......hello.....and a very good morning to you all. I don't usually do these sort of blogs but Norma's not feeling very well and so Captain Bill has asked me to come up here while Bertha's looking after Norma.

I'm not sure why anybody needs to be up here really? It's quite nice though....just a few birds flying around....I imagine it could be quite depressing in the rain.

I thought I could write a poem for Norma while I'm up here...I write rather a lot of poems about Norma.

Incidentally if any of you are poetry publishers and want to see any of my work I'd be happy to pop something into the post for really wouldn't be a problem!

Well I think that's about have enjoyable days...whatever it is you do.

Pip, pip!



Sarah Knight said...

hopefully Norma feels well again soon
: )

Steven Allender said...

stay tuned to find out!

baahar said...

love the hat :)