Tuesday, 27 October 2009

feeling terribly buoyant

'Are you sure you don't want to have one more try?' asked Norma.

'No I'm fine!' replied Captain Bill, who was talking out of one corner of his mouth.

'But you're hat's going to get all soggy!' said Norma.

'Really,' replied Captain Bill, 'it's not worth worrying about and on the subject of things worth worrying about, I think we aught to have a meeting about what to do next.'

'Well I've already spoken to Bertha,' said Norma, 'she's going to join us in a bit...we could have one last go before she arrives. I'm sure if we just got you up straight you could stay there!'

'Honestly,' replied Captain Bill, 'I'll wait here, it's only because it's not salt water, if it was salt water I'd be fine, it's just without it I slide to one side.'

'I could ask the man at the bar if he has any?' suggested Norma, 'you could play with your boats then.'

'OK,' said Captain Bill.


Anonymous said...

i love norma! she's so nice!!

Francesca said...

Wonderful characters!
Thanks for commenting on the Daily Drawings, I shall be back to look at more :)

Steven Allender said...

You're welcome...

...and Norma is lovely! : )