Friday, 2 October 2009

for those who seek norman.

'I really don't see why we have to pay to get in?' said a disgruntled Captain Bill.

'Crowd control,' replied Cyril with a smile.

'Crowd control!' mooed Captain Bill. 'There are only 4 of us...and Horace fell asleep 10 minutes ago!'

At this Annie herded into the audience and poked Horace with a pointy stick.

'It's important!' she said, before returning to her place.

'Get on with it!' called out Bertha.

So that's what Cyril did!

'M'lud!' began Cyril, 'clearly I am innocent...'

'It's not a trial!' said Norma and Cyril apologised.

'Sorry,' he said, 'force of habit. Right before I begin again, can I give thanks to my team, who consist of little Annie and young Geraldine, from whom refreshments are available.

And here Geraldine gave a quick dance and held up her tray of drinks and ices.

'Oh that's nice!' said Norma and everyone agreed.

'Now to continue,' continued Cyril, 'the situation is, we've been hired to go and get Norman and we don't know where he is.

And everyone looked at Captain Bill.

'But,' added Cyril, 'all is not lost, because as luck would have it, a quick look through the extensive Cow Island map collection has revealed this!'

And Annie pointed her pointy stick at the map that was between her and Cyril.

'It's just the sea!' called out Bertha.

'That,' replied Cyril, 'was our first reaction, but a closer examination soon showed up this!'

And Annie pointed her pointy stick at a small tree several miles away.

Cyril left his spot, popped around to the other side of the map, picked up Annie and put her back down so her pointy stick pointed at the top right hand corner of the map.

'Thank you!' she said.

'Pleasure,' replied Cyril.

Everyone lent forward a little to see what Annie was now pointing at.

'It's a Ner,' said Annie.

'Exactly!' said Cyril, 'an N for Norman and above it is an arrow which means?'

'He's taken up archery!' mooed Annie.

'Possibly,' replied Cyril, 'but it also clearly indicates that that is where Norman has gone!'

For a moment there was stunned silence, which was finally broken by Norma.

'That's brilliant!' she said and everyone agreed.

So armed with a map that showed them which direction to travel in, the Cows set out to find Norman.


Anonymous said...

a 'ner'?! ...this is gonna be a long trip!! *headdesk*

Rita alias alatvian said...

hehehe! fun!

Steven Allender said...

Oh ye of little faith!

Kreativlink said...

Heheheh.... :)

ingermaaike said...

Will there be cakes?

Rachel said...

Cute! I'll be back!