Monday, 19 October 2009

in search of an explanational

Helloo* Annie here!

Now I am sometimes accused (by Bertha.......and Captain Bill) of not knowing what's going on. Could I just say, that at the moment, I'm willing to plead guilty!

It seems to me that so far, we've parked Mr Ship, gone for a walk and then decided to climb a tall what's that all about then? I mean Mr Ship is probably quite happy having a paddle but what about the rest of us?

Also, to make matters even more confusamable, my chum and legal advisor Mr Sir Cyril of Coolness has gone somewhere else!!!

This is a bad thing because,

1. He gives me the giggles.

2. He always has at least 3 large cakes about his person and right now I could do with at least half a sponge.

Please supply answers to my questions and cake if you have any.

Thank you


*regular readers will note the distinct lack of 'o's. I think this is because being on a tall thing they have all rolled to the bottom.


Anonymous said...

*waits with large net at bottom of tall thing to catch and rescue annies 'o's*

magickal_realism said...

Mr. Cyril has of course gone to the Galapagos for the winter.