Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Just having time on my own.

Hello everybody, Norma here...I'm just having a little break.

I think I deserved it!

I mean, I don't want to sound like I'm feeling sorry for myself but I try so hard to get everybody to work together and I'm sure we could if we tried. Everybody is different and that's a good thing, but we all live together and we should be prepared to make allowances and just try a bit harder to be nice to each other.

I'm not sure that all makes sense but you know what I mean.

Anyway it's a very pleasent view from up here and the island looks much more inviting, so I'm just going to sit still for a while. I've got a thermos of mint tea and I've opened an emergency 'cake in a can'.

So I hope you all have a jolly good day and get to do all the things that you want to.



PS Bertha says there's a steep bit coming up so wish us luck!


Julia B said...

*hugs* and your artwork is amazing!

La Alicia said...

love your work! glad you are having some "me" time. :)

emergency cake in a can? we should all have that with us at all times!

Steven Allender said...

NEVER leave home without it!

Cara said...

the island looks delightful!

the Lost Earring said...

How cute is that?! :)

baahar said...

emergency cake in a can :) great idea !!