Tuesday, 13 October 2009


'But did we really need to bring them all ashore?' asked a rather puzzled Captain Bill who seemed to be surrounded by boxes.

'Oh I think so!' replied Norma.

'But at any moment we could, as you pointed out, be facing a hoard of hostile natives!' said Captain Bill.

'All the more reason to be wearing a nice hat!' replied Norma, 'a nice hat can have a very calming effect.

'Hmmm?' said Captain Bill, who was not entirely convinced. 'Anyway,' he continued, 'we should be concentrating on more important things. Thrown up onto an unexplored island, not knowing what we might encounter! We shall need to have absolute discipline, stay together, work as a team!'

'Where Cyril?' asked Norma.

'Who cares?' replied Captain Bill, 'soon as we hit the beach he was gone, he's probably seeing if he can sell us to anybody!'

'And Bertha?' asked Norma.

'Went ahead,' said Captain Bill, 'I didn't try to stop her. I thought it best to let her have some time on her own. She's probably feeling a bit guilty about crashing the ship. A chance to calm down will do her good!'

So together, as a team, Norma, Horace, Annie, Captain Bill and Geraldine began to make their way inland.


Penny said...

Hehehe so cute!

baahar said...

"we shall need to have absolute discipline" *lol*

brilliant again :)

whimsicalpam said...

Very cute...and very true:)

janet said...

just found you on the etsy forum...your art is too cute. Your are so very talented and very original.

Steven Allender said...