Monday, 5 October 2009

A picture of norman


(I am using pickled 'o's as fresh ones are not available when at sea)

It's Annie here.

Now as you will all know, we are going off to collect our chum, Norman. This is EXCITING!!!! Actually on the official Annie scale of excitingness it scores a huge, great big 10! It's so exciting I have to stop myself from stampeding around my hammock (not easy).

I'm sure that you'll all like Norman...I may even put a bet on it with my bookie, Mr Sir Cyril of the Turf.

Some of you have been kind enough to ask who Norman actually is, so I thought I would draw you a picture.

I like drawing pictures....sometimes when you draw pictures they can be of things that are Norman or things that you've just had a dream nose pixies (my best friend Norma said it was just a dream...that's Norma not Norman, I have no idea what Norman's view is on nose pixies, I shall ask him when I see him).

So I have my pencils and crayons ready....actually I'm running out of room...I know, I'll do the picture on the back!

Take care,




Anonymous said...

aaargh!! no fair!!
i wanna see NORMAN!!

Anonymous said...

is it me, or has geraldine put on weight??