Thursday, 15 October 2009

A pleasant walk

'So what's that then?' asked Captain Bill.

'It's just a branch moving in the tree!' replied Norma.

'Oh!' said Captain Bill, 'well what about that over there?'

'That's just the grass swaying in the breeze,' said Norma. 'Really I don't think there actually are any hostile savages...and the grass is quite tasty, I may make some sandwiches with it when we stop for a break.'

'Hmm,' said Captain Bill.

'Anyway,' added Norma, 'you should be up here at the front, you are captain after all!'

'Yes,' replied Captain Bill, 'that's a common misconception...about being up in front. A leader needs to be able to have time to view the bigger picture, make the critical judgement and ensure that everything is going according to plan!'

'Like making sure that we all stay together and nobody wanders off?' suggested Norma.

And for a while they walked on in silence.

'Of course you realise,' said Captain Bill after a while, 'none of this would have happened if we'd sailed Not North.'

And for the sake of keeping the peace Norma bit her hat and said nothing.


magickal_realism said...

*laughs* your cows have such decorum! I can imagine my mom or one of her cronies biting her hat, too.

Amie McCracken said...

Hee hee, sandwiches out of the grass.

Walk in the Woods said...

Love it! :D You art i truly charming!