Monday, 26 October 2009

pool time!


Annie here! How are you all? I am mostly fine with extra what was I going to talk about?

Oh, yes! As regular readers will know, we have arrived at a somewhere and Norma (my best friend) says that we will be staying here a while for a little TLC (tea, lounging and cake) after getting down from the very tall thing. It's quite nice here, they have a little inland sea that you can play in and people who do things for you.

Also, I am most pleased because we have met up with my chum, El Presidente Sir Cyril of Somewhereimportantshire (this seems to be what the waiter people are calling him) and he has ordered 15 plates of trifle sandwiches on the hour, every hour....even at night!!!!!!

So I am now officially 'a happy person'.

Perhaps you would like to tell me how you are...unless your life is which case feel free to make something up!.

Thank you


*dry roast or salted 'o's now available from the snack bar : )


Anonymous said...

*gasp* 15 plates of trifle sandwiches every hour??? *explodes*

Steven Allender said...

A tough job but someone has to do it!

janet said...

I want some TLC...with a little extra 'C'