Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A preference for port

'Oh, I really thought you had it that time!' said Norma.

'If it hadn't been for that big wave!' replied Captain Bill.

'Mmmm,' said Norma, 'they can be quite large towards this end of the pool, but I definitely think the salt is helping.'

'Was that all you could get?' asked Captain Bill.

'I'm afraid so,' replied Norma, 'he's only got dry roast left now......would you like a peanut by the way?'

'No I'm OK thanks,' replied Captain Bill, 'is Bertha here yet?'

'She's just coming,' said Norma. 'By the way I've put one of the little boats on top of your hat so it looks a bit like the Pickled Heifer. I thought it might help us all to visualize the situation.'

'Good idea!' said Captain Bill.

And at that moment Bertha arrived and Norma asked her for her opinion.

'Well,' said Bertha, 'at the moment it's just a completely useless object floundering about in the water...but I thought you wanted to talk about the Pickled Heifer?'

And Norma went off to the bar.


Sarah Knight said...

: )

baahar said...

*lol* at " ... they can be quite large towards this end of the pool"

lovely painting as usual :)

RhiannonSTR said...

Do the cows have Brittish accents? They just seem like they should. Too cute.
Daily Paint Journal

courtney said...

this is WAY TOO CUTE! :) great blog!

Steven Allender said...

Well, I think they have British accents, although I've no idea where Cow Island actually is.