Friday, 16 October 2009

a quick appeal

Morning all, Captain Bill here, everything under control!

Now as you know I like to give the crew a reasonable degree of freedom...builds morale, creates a team, the glue that binds them together, etc, etc!

Has anybody seen Cyril?

He'll be easy to spot, large, eating, always eating, possibly being chased by people in uniform? If he's trying to sell you something, best to say no! I would appreciate any information.

And Bertha!

Smaller, agressive, probably having an arguement...I'd advise just going along with whatever she's suggesting. You can always change your mind again afterwards...that's what I do!

Apart from that everything is fine...about to make base camp...does anyone know how to make a fire or put one out?


Captain Bill


baahar said...

*lol* at " ... or put one out" :)

janet said...

A fire!!! Didn't anyone pack the matches?????? Ok..don't panic..I think if you rub two credit cards together you can create a spark..or something like that ;-(

Steven Allender said...

credit cards?

JanetDavies said...

I love these cows!!! So happy you let them out of your head. No legs...start or put out the fire? So fun! I will be looking forward to your daily posts with my morning coffee.