Saturday, 17 October 2009

the return of a friend

'Oh look! Here she comes now!' mooed Norma and she pointed with her tail at the figure of Bertha who was herding down the last gentle slopes towards them.

'Hum!' said Captain Bill unenthusiastically.

'Oh, I think you could be a bit more welcoming than that!' replied Norma, 'after all we haven't seen her all week.'

'Well,' said Captain Bill, 'it's just that she's so critical of everything!'

'But that's just her way,' said Norma, 'she just likes things done properly and anyway I'm sure she's not always critical.'

'She is!' replied Captain Bill, 'and it's personal. As far as she's concerned I can't do anything right. I try my best to keep everyone up to the same standards as myself and all she does is make remarks!'

'Oh, I think that's being a bit harsh,' said Norma,'I'm sure she'll have missed you. She'll probably have something really nice to say.'

'I bet she doesn't!' huffed Captain Bill.

But at that moment Bertha stampeded to a halt beside them. For a moment she stopped and gathered her breath and then turned to make her report to Captain Bill.

'Over the hill!' she said.

And Norma wanted to die!


semigreengirls said...

oh my word....this is so cute!

Steven Allender said...

Go tell the world!

SleightGirl said...

Great blog! And so original too!

baahar said...

I still wonder what she might have seen on the other side

... so much tension :)