Monday, 12 October 2009

straight but on the rocks!

'Well we didn't sink! said Captain Bill rather positively.

Everyone looked over the side of the ship at the rather large rocks that the Pickled Heifer had come to rest upon.

'If you'd left me on duty where I belong!' began Bertha, but Norma quickly suggested that they gave the whole blame thing a miss and concentrated on what to do next.

'So what shall we do next?' she said.

And by a show of tails, everyone agreed that they might as well go and have a look around the rather large island who's reef they were now stranded on.

So Bertha and Horace and Norma started to gather a few things together, while the others put them into the Jolly boat.

'Of course, once we get there, we'll need to keep a sharp lookout!' suggested Norma.

'What for?' asked Captain Bill.

'All sorts,' replied Norma, 'giant creatures, savages....those sort of things!'

And Captain Bill said he thought it might be a good idea if somebody stayed onboard....just to make sure nothing the ship!


Amie McCracken said...

This is awesome. I'm following!


esque said...

Ha ha, following too! I love Cowland!