Tuesday, 20 October 2009

the view from the top

'Well if he'd just let me get to the end of what I was saying!' said Bertha.

'I know you didn't mean it,' replied Norma, 'I think he was just having one of his down moments and....well sometimes, perhaps you could give a bit more thought to what you're going to say?

But 'Hmm!' was all the reply that Bertha made and so for a while they walked on in silence until finally, with one last twist in the path, they found themselves standing at the top of the very tall thing, looking down at the other side.

'There!' said Bertha and she pointed off into the distance.

'It's a town!' mooed Norma excitedly and indeed it was. A town with houses and shops and a harbour and off towards one edge of it, lots and lots of brightly coloured flags which fluttered in the breeze.

'It looks lovely!' added Norma and she waved her tail hat in celebration.

It wasn't long before Annie and Horace and Captain Bill joined them and everyone agreed just how nice it looked.

'Excellent!' said Captain Bill. 'Well shall I lead on?'

'Why not!' said Norma.

'It'll be all downhill from here,' added Bertha.

And Norma wondered why she even bothered.


Sarah Knight said...

you always make me smile
: )

Steven Allender said...

Thank you!


Me too!:)

TheIronQueen said...

Thanks for making me smile first thing this morning!

Steven Allender said...

You're welcome!