Friday, 20 November 2009

by a knitted compass.

'It''s trickier than you think!' said Captain Bill, who was trying to keep very, very still.

'Hmm?' said Horace.

'I said,' repeated Captain Bill,'that it's trickier than weren't listening!'

'Sorry,' said Horace,'I was just admiring the view.'

'Fine!' said Captain Bill.

'You can see all the way to the town!' added Horace.

'Excuse me for suggesting I'd be happier if you could see all the way to Cyril!' replied Captain Bill.

'Not yet!' said Horace, who glanced behind himself,'I'm sure he'll be back soon though. He seemed to have some sort of plan.'

'I'm sure he has!,' replied Captain Bill,'I'm just not certain it involves my rescue!'

And so for a while neither Captain Bill or Horace said anything at all.

'Horace!' said Captain Bill after a while.

'Yes?' replied Horace.

'If.....if this doesn't work out....if this is it! Would you, would you write a poem about me? For posterities sake!'

'Of course,' replied Horace,'...............................would you like me to start now?'

And Captain Bill just sighed.

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Just great!

Caroline said...

Hehe, I hope the Captain makes it out OK. :)

Angelina Fong Designs said...

OMG I love your blog! You are so talented!