Tuesday, 24 November 2009

gently does it!

Morning everyone, Norma here, how are you all today?

Now I must start by thanking all of you who were so concerned about Captain Bill. As you can see he's safely tucked up for a rest at the moment. We got him back down to the bottom of the very tall thing yesterday afternoon and decided there wasn't a moment to loose! Annie, Geraldine and myself set to work and in a difficult 4 hour operation we managed to repair the knitted compass. It was touch and go for a while I can tell you! Annie did most of the work, I helped and Geraldine stood by with a small bag of herring. I have to say, Annie did a wonderful job and you can hardly see the stitches!

Having got that far and with the patient showing little sign of distress, I made a quick decision and we went for broke and put his hat back on as well!

I'm sure you can imagine how tired we all were by the end of it all.

Well that's all for the moment. I do hope you have a nice day, is the sun out?



Caroline said...

Phew! Crisis averted.

audreyscountrycrafts said...

I love your blog!! :)

The sun is shining today - another beautiful Sept morning! (well - it feels like Sept.)