Monday, 23 November 2009

he'll be coming down the mountain...

'And then Cyril did exactly what I asked him to do!' said Captain Bill with a flourish.

'Well I think you all did ever so well!' replied Norma, 'I would have been soooooo worried if it had been me! You really have been through a bit of a scrape.'

'I suppose,' said Captain Bill, 'but how to panic properly is one of the things they teach you at Captain School and on reflection it was a small price to pay.'

'I'm sure they do,' said Norma, 'and I'm not without hope that we can fix it once we've got you back down to the ground.'

'Are you sure?' asked Captain Bill with a weak smile.

'Oh yes!' replied Norma,'I'll ask Annie what she thinks, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if we can get it as good as new!'

'Only a I don't think I'd feel like I was a proper Captain without a knitted compass!' said Captain Bill.

But Norma assured Captain Bill that of all the things that might lead people to think he wasn't a proper Captain, a knitted compass was really quite low on the list.

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Caroline said...

How to panic properly! It should be a book. :)