Tuesday, 17 November 2009

hide and think!

'Well Norma and Bertha should have checked if it was that close to the end of the season?' said Captain Bill,'and I never got my money back!'

'I'm sure Norma did her best!' said Horace.

'If you'd just let me....' suggested Cyril.

'No, no, no!' replied Captain Bill, 'for the last time you are not going to 'borrow' a boat..we're in enough trouble as it is.'

Captain Bill, Horace and Cyril were concealed beneath a tree and behind a hedge and even, from time to time, behind each other.

From this point of view they were watching some rather animated movements that were coming from the hotel.

'Somehow I suspect that it might be a while before we can stay there again!' said Captain Bill.

'Oh dear!' said Horace.

'Well people can get like that,' replied Captain Bill, 'particularly when you knock out a guest and then steal their cake...while dressed as a member of staff!'

'Very petty!' said Cyril.

Mmmmm,' said Captain Bill. 'So,' he added, 'we can't leave by boat and we can't go back to the hotel....there would seem to be only one option left!'


baahar said...

*lol* at "... behind a hedge and even, from time to time, behind each other." :)

Caroline said...

Uh oh... I wonder what that option is now...