Saturday, 28 November 2009

Off to king otto's

'All clear ahead!' called down Bertha.

'Hard a Starboliarboliboard!' mooed Captain Bill.

'Are you sure you don't mean Port?' asked Norma.

'Whatever!' replied Captain Bill.

'Has anybody seen my pencil? said Horace.

'I think Annie's got it!' said Norma.

'Sheepy Pirate Ship in sight!' called down Bertha.

'AAARRRGGGGHHHH!' screamed Captain Bill.

'Just joking!' added Bertha.

'I do wish she wouldn't keep doing that!' said Captain Bill.

'Anyone for 9th breakfast?' asked Cyril.

'Annie won't give it back!' said Horace.

'Annie!' called out Norma.

'Steer Not North!' mooed Captain Bill.

'So shall I eat it?' asked Cyril.

'Actually,' said Captain Bill.

'Too late!' said Cyril.

'She's broken the tip off!' moaned Horace.

'Annie!' called out Norma.

'Is it going to be like this for the whole voyage?' asked Norman.

'Very possibly,' replied Norma.

And Norman looked back rather sadly towards to rapidly disappearing Island.