Saturday, 14 November 2009

once around the island?

'Really?' said Captain Bill,'how interesting!'

'And then the man who was asleep woke up...although as it turned out he wasn't a publisher!' added Horace.

'Still, good experience!' replied Captain Bill.

Captain Bill, Horace and Cyril had left the Hotel and made their way down through the town to the small harbour that was nestling in the cove below. To keep them entertained Horace had been giving them a very detailed report on his poetry reading.

'But then he left anyway,' continued Horace, 'actually they all left after the first hour, so I did the last 27 poems on my own although....'

'Yes, yes, fine!' interupted Captain Bill, 'maybe hear the rest later on?

For at that moment they arrived at the point along the harbour wall where a man was standing.

'3 please!' said Captain Bill.

'Hmm?' said the man.

'3!' repeated Captain Bill, '3 tickets...for the boat around the island, you know,toot, toot, all aboard and a slice of cake!'

'Oh!' said the man,'.....well if you're sure?'

Captain Bill assured him that they were, so the man sold them 3 tickets and everybody stood quietly waiting for a while.

'So when does it leave?' asked Horace at last.

'1st of April,' replied the man.


Delightful Perception said...

Very cute.. I love the "slice of cake" line.. nice illustration!

Alix said...